Psychology Links
The Internet has a tremendous amount of information regarding psychology. I've included some sites that have multiple psychology links. 

Clinical Psychology Resources:  Great website with multiple links to psychology professional organizations and psychology topics. 

Psychological Science:  Long list of psychology links.

Psychology Teaching Resources:  Resources for those teaching psychology and multiple levels. Links range from statistical calculators to perceptual exercises. Maintained by the Association of Psychology Science.

Quack Watch:  I had to include this site. Great information about dubious medical, psychological and other procedures and conditions. 

HighWire:  Social sciences search engine for professional articles. Great for searching professional databases.

Dr. Michael Fenichel:  Dr. Fenichel has gathered a number of psychology links that are worth reviewing.

Psych Library    Princeton University sponsers this Internet Resource Site for psychology and related disciplines. Hundreds of links.
Dramatic and Intense Changes in Mood and Behavior are Found in this Group
Dramatic and Intense Changes in Mood and Behavior are Found in this Group

Personality Disorders: The Controllers, Abusers, Users, and Manipulators in Relationships

Who are these individuals who create so much emotional, social, and psychological damage in relationships. They are the controllers, abusers, users and manipulators that are often our romantic partner, our parent, our sibling, or co-worker, our boss, our neighbor or the con artist we meet at a vacation spot. They are "Personality Disorders" in mental health terms. One type, the con artist, is a master manipulator with Victor Lustig (1925) actually selling the Eiffel Tower not once, but twice.