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Abuso Emocional
Abuso Emocional

"Abuso Emocional (Emotional Abuse) is a new website created both in
English and Spanish to provide free information and powerful tools to
prevent and solve the problem of emotional abuse.


Abuses of any kind are a form of violence and an unhealthy way to
interact with others. Often times, abuse happens due to the lack of
key information.


Emotional abuse has diverse consequences which include the
Postraumatic Stress Syndrome, Depression, Alcoholism, Substance Abuse,
Suicide, and other mental and/or medical health problems (like ulcers,


It can take place in a variety of settings, at home, at work, at
school, within your social circle, in a relationship, between peers,
between parents and their children, or other audlts and elderly
people, or towards disabled people. Abuse can be stopped, prevented,
and/or solved. It can take many forms and occur at different levels
of intensity.


Hence, it's important to become aware of what emotional abuse is
about, learn how to recognize it, and how to prevent and/or solve it.
This site contains plenty of information on Emotional Abuse, as well
as resources, a free on line course and free materials. Get informed



Special thanks to Mariana of AbusoEmocional.Com for translating my articles into Spanish.